75 Years of

Founded in 1945, Der Tagesspiegel celebrated its 75th anniversary in September 2020. On this occasion I was asked to to create a logo and an illustration regarding the anniversary and the future of the Berlin-based newspaper. For an accompanying video series, I also created a frame-by-frame animated version of the anniversary logo.
flx The anniversary logo is based on the original Tagesspiegel “T” icon and was used in numerous issues of the printed newspaper and was the cover-artwork of the anniversary edition. It also appeared in various other publications of Tagesspiegel such as online articles and advertisements, the animated version of the logo was used for the already mentioned anniversary video series.
flx The full illustration was mainly used for the anniversary article written by chief editor Christian Tretbar in print and web. Other than that it also appeared in a few articles regarding external communication like job offers and announcements of the newspaper.

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75 Jahre Tagesspiegel

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