Our Earth-Quiz

One of the many subbrands from Coppenrath Verlag is “Nature Zoom”. On the occasion of releasing 4 new quizzes of the series in 2020, I was asked to illustrate 2 of them. Next to my work for the Europe-Quiz, I also did 30 editorial illustrations for the “Our Earth-Quiz”.
flx As the name implies, the “Our Earth-Quiz” asks 50 questions about the planet Earth, mainly targeted at children. As a personal note: Some of the questions are quite challenging for adults, too. The questions vary from topics like the Earth’s place in the solar system, the history and the structure of the planet, its ecosystems, geography and bioms. Other than that you can also learn a lot about the oceans, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and interesting animals living at special places.
flx The questions and answers, written by Sandra Noa are supported by big photos and th 30 editorial illustrations I did. The pictures were mainly used to visualize and further explain or just decorate the questions and their answers.

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