The Biographical Puzzle

Artdirection by THOMAS WEYRES

“The Biographical Puzzle” is a book with a collection of themed puzzles by Der Tagesspiegel. I was asked to do a total of 15 full page illustrations, one for each chapter.
The book is based on the puzzle series “Wer War‘s?” by Rolf Brockschmidt which is published every Easter and Christmas in the Berlin-based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. Every part of the series, includes 10 themed puzzles, asking for famous people by giving a short biography of their lives. The 150 puzzles in “The Biographical Puzzle” are a selection of the puzzles from the series so far. As the puzzles in the book are separated in 15 categories, I created an illustration for every of these chapters:
Religions and World-views, Civil Courage, Writing to Glory, Paradise on Earth, Humanities, Careers Abroad, A Touch of Luxury, World War 1, Wanderlust, Street-signs as a Monument, At Home in two Worlds, In the Realm of Culinary Art, Politics, Harmony, Science Year in Berlin.