About Me

Hi, my name is Felix, I am a young illustrator who currently lives and works in Berlin. I grew up in Warendorf, studied mathematics and art for two years in Cologne, did my bachelor's degree in Communication Design at HTW Berlin in 2022 and work as a freelance illustrator right now.

Working from my home studio, I mainly draw digital, pixel-based illustrations, defined by determined, 
geometrically aligned outlines with a fun twist here and there. My artstyle is highly influenced by my studies in mathematics and art. Next to my passion for illustration, I also am a huge coffee nerd, so if you want to get in contact, just hit me up, I'd love to have coffee!
I am always open for commissions, collaborations or just a chat in general – you can write me an Email or hit me up on Instagram.

Thanks for visiting!


The fonts used on this website are:
Henrietta by Very Cool Studio
PP Neue Montreal by Pangram Prangram Foundry

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