Magazine about Money and Inflation

Four fullpage Illustrations about money and inflation for the 2022/02 issue of the "Perspektiven" magazine by German Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.
This first illustration accompanies a text which talks about Coca-Cola and its history as an example for inflation. The second one accompanies is about how Central Banks take action against inflation and its consequences in times of (current) crises. The third one accompanies a text which talks about how Inflation appears in supermarkets. The fourth one is about the idea of having a basic income for everybody and what possibilities and risks it poses.

for Baden-Württemberg Stiftung | 2022
Artdirection: Markus Rasp (Anzinger und Rasp)


Inflation 1: Coca-Cola and its history as an example for inflation.


Inflation 2: How central banks can do to fight inflation during the current crises.


Inflation 3: Who suffers most  from the consequences of inflation?


Basic Income:  About chances, risks and equal rights when everybody receives a basic income.